Breathing for Pain Relief

Pain Relief in 10 Minutes or Less

What if all you need to relax your aches and pains is this simple breathing lesson?

Are you tired of dealing with pain all the time? 

Tired of not feeling good, not being fully present, not doing the activities you love most? Tired of taking meds? Tired of looking for a solution that's within your control? 

Try this simple breathing meditation and see for yourself! 

You are living and breathing and that's enough to calm your overworked nervous system and reduce pain. You just need to learn how to put this into your daily life.

FREE Guided Video Lesson to Ease Your Pain 


You'll get immediate access to the video plus access to additional resources created for you by Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT. 

Here's what you'll discover: 

  • A simple and specific technique that you can depend on to reduce pain. Use it anytime, anywhere!
  • How the way you breathe gives you direct power over your nervous system
  • The 4-parts of the breath and why you need to be mindful of each one to improve your pain
  • Exactly how to integrate this technique into your daily lifestyle so it's effortless (I share a specific prescription for how often you need to do it!)
  • That you can feel confident that you can reduce pain on your own 

Meet Your Host Dr. Crystal Frazee

When I'm not helping women living with chronic pain design their personal plan to regain control and confidence over their quality of life... I'm reading and training in the most current pain science strategies. 

I love to learn all the complex science and then simplify it into practical and effective tools for women to use in their busy lives - so you don't have to. 

Yes, I've been practicing and studying mindfulness and integrative medicine for 14 years.

I created the Mindful Pain Relief Method to help women, just like you. You see, I've struggled with my own chronic pain journey. 

I know that what it takes to feel free from the suffering and frustration of missing out, an uncertain future, and ongoing discomfort is a STRATEGY. And it needs to start with breathing. 

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