Are you ready for more consistent control over your pain?

Do you want to feel more joy, confidence, & hope without more meds?

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Mindful Pain Relief Retreat at Lakeshore Yoga February 16th & 17th, 2019

* Only 6 spots are available for this program due to the dedicated personal attention provided, so claim yours now! *

As someone living with chronic pain, you need and deserve a holistic approach to pain relief. Maybe your doctor has told you they've done all they can. Maybe you've lived with your condition for years and feel you've plateud. Maybe you've given up hope that you can impact your pain. None of that is true and there IS MORE YOU CAN DO. 

  • Imagine the energy you'll save when you stop searching for answers and worrying about an uncertain future
  • Imagine being able to respond to your pain instead of reacting and shutting down or numbing out
  • Imagine feeling free from the emotional struggles your pain brings to your life {every day}
  • Imagine the relief when you no longer worry about having to cancel commitments with family and friends due to pain
  • Imagine the clarity of knowing what simple daily steps to take {because they actually make a difference}
  • Imagine the ease of feeling seen and heard in a group of like minded people dealing with the same challenges

Maybe you doubt the Mindful Pain Relief Method will work for you. The truth is there's nothing different about you than these clients: 

  • “The lessons are practical and spaced out so it was do-able for me. Anymore or any less and I wouldn't have had such great results." ~ Rosie
  • “Realizing I wasn’t alone in dealing with these challenges was eye-opening. Feeling the support of the group was more healing than I ever thought it would be. On top of all the great tools, and access to Crystal, the group interaction was the icing on the cake.” ~ Kate
  • "Now I'm able to go with the pain instead of battling against it. Instead of ignoring what's really going on I have the tools to deal with it." ~ Julia

Saturday, February 16th 9:00am-4:00pm 

Sunday, February 17th 9:00-3:00pm

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Only 6 Spots Available

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This Program Starts In


In This Weekend Retreat You Will Learn:


Most likely you've been coping by tuning out, but the way to reduce pain is to tune in! Gain specific mind-body awareness tools that will shift your relationship to pain and put you back in control. Learn how awareness tools can feel like spinning straw to gold when it comes to getting relief from your health challenge. These are powerful skills that will serve you a lifetime. 

Emotional Freedom

You can experience pain without the emotional suffering. You will learn proven tools to help you regulate your response to pain. It's time to stop wasting energy feeling trapped by your pain! Stop feeling frustrated. Start feeling hopeful and resilient instead.


Every part of this retreat is designed with your unique lifestyle needs, as a woman, in mind. You have a lot on your plate and you need a solution that works for you - not that just adds more to the load. Learn simple strategies for incorporating this method into your daily matter how busy, tired, or painful you feel.

...and so much more. Every lesson is bite sized so you can take it in (even on your worst days) and layered so you slowly build on each one. Dr. Frazee's brilliance is taking in all the complicated info and breaking it down into the achievable steps that will actually make a difference in your life.


  • Clarify Your Vision Clarify your vision, goals, and get in the right mindset for optimal results. This is the foundational step and so critical. It's what's missing in all the other programs.

  • Learn Awareness Skills Learn key Awareness skills so you can understand the link between thoughts and emotions and your pain. Gain insights to your typical reactions to pain so you can start to change them.  

  • Understand Pain Science Gain a clear understanding of pain science and how to use your brain to improve your pain. You'll learn how unique your brains works, as a woman, and how to leverage this knowledge to shortcut the time and effort it takes to ease your pain.

  • Receive Individual Attention To help make sure the method translates to your life, you'll have ample time for sharing, getting feedback, and asking questions. 

  • Develop Critical Regulation Skills Develop key Regulation skills to break the link between thoughts, emotions, body tension, and your pain pattern. These are tools that will serve you in every area of your life, not only to help you alleviate pain.

  • Learn Habit Change Learn a powerful 3-step model for changing the most stubborn of habits. This week is about experimenting with new routines and rewards to help you implement new responses to your pain.

  • Plan It Out Put it all together. Finalize which tools are going to stay in your tool bag and map out your pain relief plan for the next 3 months. Celebrate your success and positive steps you've taken to reclaim your body + life. Leave with a written plan in place.

Get Ongoing Access To Valuable Resources!

You will receive a complete manual with a detailed overview and practices for you to continue on your own. Each guided practice during the retreat will be recorded and you'll receive mp4 files to listen to over and over. 

Dr. Frazee has thought of everything to make sure you have what you need to put the Mindful Pain Relief Method into action. She will be available for ongoing questions you may have after the retreat in the private Facebook group specifically for her clients. 

About Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT, CHWC, C-IAYT

Integrative Pain Relief Strategist & Founder of the Mindful Pain Relief Method

Crystal is a pain relief expert with over 10 years of experience helping women reclaim their lives from chronic health challenges. She teaches women the step-by-step method to shift from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed to confident and free to enjoy their lives, no matter what challenges they are facing. 

She is a visionary leader in women's health. Crystal created The Mindful Pain Relief Method because she realized women need and deserve better integrative care. Her work combines the science of pain with the art of healing so women can get what they are truly searching for: feeling whole and at peace. 

Too many women have gone years without proper treatment or the comprehensive approach they need to feel well. Seeing specialists, having surgeries, and taking meds is not enough. Crystal can help you fill the gap and teach you the self-healing that puts you back in control of your own health so you can reach your big goals and maintain the results.

Great value! 

  • You will get 13 hours of devoted time from Dr. Frazee in this retreat. If you were to hire her at her hourly rate that would be a $1,650 investment.
  • You will have lifetime access to all of the audio recordings and pdf workbooks of everything covered in the retreat ($300 value). 
  • Access to Dr. Frazee's private Facebook group where you get to interact, ask questions, and stay connected to the group.

That's over $2,000 of value! Your investment is just $299.


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