About Me, Crystal Frazee


Teacher, Healer, Advocate, Woman, Mother

Hi, I’m Crystal Frazee and I’m a women’s pain relief expert and coach.

I help women shift their relationship to pain and reclaim their bodies and lives without wasting time and energy spinning their wheels or missing out on a joyful life.

I specialize in working with amazing women of all ages and with a variety of health conditions — who want to feel less discomfort and more in control and alive without taking more meds or spending more days in the doctor’s office.

I teach you mind-body tools and practical lifestyle strategies that alleviate your pain and ease your emotional suffering — and I do this in workshops, programs, and 1:1 coaching with a loving approach that’s steeped in western medical science and eastern holistic wisdom.

I designed the Mindful Pain Relief Method because I believe women face unique obstacles when it comes to living with chronic pain and that you have tremendous healing abilities when you are shown how to access them and feel safe to do so.

I want to expand treatment options for women in pain and help them resist tactics that keep them feeling broken, dependent, and anything less than whole.

My mission is simple. It’s to guide you to fulfill your true needs (for quiet, rest, grounding, inner listening, stress management, movement, nourishment, and pleasure) because when you develop the skills to do that, it’s not just your body that will transform, your entire life will.

For every woman I help, there’s a side effect where her daughters, sisters, and friends become empowered as well. The big picture is that we are creating a community and culture of resilient women ready to claim their authority as leaders in their (healing) journey.

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  • My mom, and best friend, has lived with Multiple Sclerosis (and other autoimmune conditions) as long as I’ve been alive. She’s strong and resilient and has overcome tremendous physical and emotional challenges. She’s my inspiration. The same longing for relief I feel for her, I feel for all women, including you. I’ve learned firsthand that compassion and self-care are the essential ingredients in a life well lived with chronic illness. What I know for sure is that, as women, we must be willing and able to give ourselves permission to do what it takes….to take the time and energy, to spend the money, to ask for support, to receive graciously, and to feel connected to ourselves and the world around us…no matter what challenges arise. 
  • This all started with a BS Ecology & Environmental Design from the University of Georgia where I was trained to see everything as interdependent. Because I’m a “systems thinker,” I can discern the most efficient path to help you reach your goals…whether that’s mind-body or lifestyle medicine strategies… and design a plan that’s achievable.
  • I became a yoga teacher and then teacher of teachers and then a certified yoga therapist (through the International Association of Yoga Therapists, IAYT). With over a decade of personal practice and training, I’ve experienced first hand how yoga practices deliver true healing. I have a deep tool bag to pull from to help you discover which mind-body tools will work most naturally for you.  
  • By following the clear calling to be a healer, I earned a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. I learned how to relate to and heal people of all ages with all types of challenges, from shoulder pain, to spinal cord injury, to traumatic wounds, to the incarcerated population, to homeless women, and children with special needs. I valued the knowledge and training I gained, but knew a bridge needed to be built. My vision of whole-person, comprehensive care was born. During this time, I also started having my own chronic pain condition. I became my first integrative case…I learned that when western medicine can’t resolve the problem that there’s a gap that mind-body medicine can fill.
  • I was the Director of Rehabilitation at the prestigious Dallas Spinal Rehabilitation Center where I worked with a team of doctors, OTs, ATCs, counselors, and case managers to deliver care to those injured at work. Because of this, I have a deep well of compassion for what it’s like to live with pain, disability, and trauma. This experience gave me a real “big picture” glimpse into how shattered a life can feel when it’s scarred by a chronic pain condition.
  • I opened a yoga & wellness studio, Stillwater Body, while completing certification as a Health & Wellness Coach through Dr. Michael Arloski, PhD. I designed and delivered group lifestyle coaching programs to help women create a ‘thriving life.’ I learned that women can achieve whatever they set their hearts to, as long as they have guidance to clarify the specific action steps and the support of a strong community.
  • I was the community “alternative” PT, seen as intuitive, compassionate, and “the patient one” that could work well with the “difficult” cases. I experienced that my words and connection to my patient were just as powerful as my hands-on skills. Because they were seen as fully whole, my clients felt whole and that meant they felt that the challenges they faced were workable. What this means for you is that I know women need and deserve better care and it is my calling to fight for it and deliver it.
  • I continued expanding my toolbag over the years. I trained with Marlysa Sullivan at the Center of Integrative Yoga Studies, Erl Pettman at the North American Institute of Orthopedic Physical Therapists, Jessica Drummond at the Integrative Women’s Health Institute, Neil Pearson and Shelly Prosko from Pain Care Yoga, Ruth Buczynski at the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine, and Peter Litchfield at the Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences. I gained insight into western sciences and eastern healing traditions and the discernment know how to draw from both skillfully.
  • Through working with these brilliant teachers, I gained a variety of titles and letters. They’re not all that important really, but they are a part of my path so I’ll list them here. Currently, I am a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, certified Health & Wellness Coach, certified Breathing Behavior Analyst, Mindfulness Teacher, and a certified Yoga Therapist. It’s from working with women under all these titles that the Mindful Pain Relief Method was born. By combining these hats, I’ve created an approach that makes feeling free from pain more achievable and sustainable. It’s my life’s purpose and my honor to share it with you.