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Natural Pain Relief Options Your Physician Won’t Teach You

Is it possible to relieve your chronic pain using techniques your physician probably won’t teach you? Yes it is! Scientific studies have proven that certain types of mindfulness exercises including breathing, movement, meditation, and diet, have a substantial impact in decreasing pain and improving your quality of life. You’ll be amazed at what mindfulness can do for you!

I’ve assembled the simplest and most effective of these techniques in the Mindful Pain Relief Method™. Want to get started now for free? Just click red button below to watch the introductory video.

Hi. I’m Crystal Frazee, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Mindfulness Expert. I’m the creator of the Mindful Pain Relief Method™. I can tell you with great confidence that mindfulness may be the most effective way to manage your pain. Has a physician told you that before? Probably not!

You see, insurance companies don’t typically pay for mindfulness lessons and that’s why your physician probably doesn’t teach them to you. Or maybe your physician doesn’t know about the power of mindfulness. It’s only recently that the science of mindfulness is being taught in medical schools. The good news for you today is that I will teach you how to relieve your chronic pain using mindfulness!

I created the Mindful Pain Relief Method™ based on current research and best practice in the field of mind-body medicine. This isn’t mumbo-jumbo …it’s science! I get excited by the science of mindfulness and how it creates lasting changes in the brain that will reduce your pain, but I won’t go into all the science right now. What you need to know is that your pain is actually a complex interaction of your sensations, thoughts, and emotions. By learning to manage your sensations, thoughts, and emotions, you can manage your pain. That’s what I teach. That’s mindfulness.

You have the ability to reduce your suffering using the power of your mind and I’d like to show you how. So if you’re ready to get started please click the button below and I’ll show you how mindfulness can be used to manage your pain right now.