From Fear to Hope

Experience a New Way to Relate to Pain

You have more control over your pain than you know.

When you "live" with pain and feel your efforts at relief aren't helping at all, fear seeps in. Add to that poor sleep and doubts of how you'll get through the day and it's no surprise you feel frustrated, angry, and anxious. 

But what if I told you it doesn't have to be that way? You can help yourself with a few specific mind-body tools so you can feel less discomfort and more in control. It's easy if you just know how. 

If you're feeling trapped & overwhelmed by physical pain, relief is possible. The tools in this 5-day series will help you shift your relationship to pain so you can know hope again

Dr. Crystal Frazee's proven mind-body approach helps smart women, just like you, learn do-able skills that last a lifetime. Take advantage of this FREE mini-training and learn simple tools that will make all the difference - no matter how tired, how ill, or imprisoned by pain you are. 

FREE 5-Day Series to Release Fear, Restore Hope, & Kickstart Your Pain Recovery

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This 5-day guided video series will help you: 

  • Feel more empowered with what you need to know to shift your experience of pain
  • Overcome fear and anxiety by soothing your nervous system using proven clinical methods
  • Abide the discomfort by using 2 specific mind-body practices 
  • Understand the #1 thing that keeps you stuck in a cycle of suffering (and how to change it)
  • Change your pain response using a powerful, yet simple, 4-step practice that you can implement even on your worst days

Meet Your Host Dr. Crystal Frazee

When I'm not helping women living with chronic pain design their personal plan to regain control and confidence over their quality of life... I'm reading and training in the most current pain science strategies. 

I love to learn all the complex science and then simplify it into practical and effective tools for women to use in their busy lives - so you don't have to. 

Yes, I've been practicing and studying mindfulness and integrative medicine for 14 years.

I created the Mindful Pain Relief Method to help women, just like you. You see, I've struggled with my own chronic pain journey. I know that what it takes to feel free from the suffering and frustration of missing out, an uncertain future, and ongoing discomfort is a STRATEGY. And it needs to address the mind-body connection. 

I'm so happy to share a few of the tools from the Mindful Pain Relief Method with you. My intention is that you begin to truly transform your relationship to pain in this training! 

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