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Whether you are new to mindfulness or a seasoned veteran, the Mindful Pain Relief Method™ can help you immediately, and dramatically, manage your pain and improve your quality of life.

As a woman in chronic pain, you need and deserve more than the typical health care system can provide. You need holistic mind-body care for optimal healing and lasting relief.

Traditional medicine often requires you to see specialist after specialist, with no one provider treating you as a whole human being. When you work with me, we will explore every aspect of your physical, mental and emotional being and empower you to have control over your pain.

Due to the high level of attention I provide every patient, my availability is limited. Currently, I am accepting new patients for Friday scheduling only.

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How Is Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT Different?

Dr. Crystal Frazee, PTOf all the people involved in your healthcare, you are the most important. Not me. You.

You must feel respected and heard. You deserve compassionate client centered care. That’s the type of care I offer.

I practice integrative medicine. That means I see you as a whole person (physical, mental, and emotional), not just your symptoms or separate body parts. You will experience my personalized approach as we address your unique needs, challenges, and goals using a mind-body approach.

You will be an active partner in your healing. Together we will activate your natural healing abilities, which are extraordinary and far more powerful than anything I can do “to” you. Your pain is a complex and individual experience. It starts in the brain and has an impact on your mind, body, and behavior. Lasting change starts with simple and effective techniques that you can start today.

I bring over ten years of unique mind-body training and experience to help ease your pain. I integrate a broad based skillset to empower you to heal the root causes of suffering not just treat symptoms. By combining yoga therapy, health coaching, physical therapy, neuroscience, functional nutrition, integrative medicine, and mindfulness together, we will design an achievable path that delivers the results you desire.

The Mindful Pain Relief Method™ Will Work For You

I’ve done the work to simplify the complex issues of holistic pain management so that you can focus on taking practical steps forward. The immediate and lasting relief you are seeking will happen from the inside out. Let me take your hand and guide you gently through the Mindful Pain Relief Method.

I Understand Your Pain

I walk my talk. I have my own chronic pain journey that has challenged me to the core. I know the frustration and exhaustion it can cause. I know the feeling of lost time and connection with the people and activities I love. I’ve worked through my inner obstacles to making the lifestyle changes I knew needed to be made for self-healing to finally occur. I am prepared to lead by example, to inspire you to see your abilities, and to cheer you every step of the way because I know that’s what it will take.

Get Relief Now. Guaranteed.

If you have been struggling with pain for months, or years, or the intensity of your pain feels overwhelming, schedule a consultation with me now. Together we’ll create a customized plan to ease your suffering now and improve your quality of life.

Working with me is easy. The initial 75 minute consultation costs $145 and is fully guaranteed. If you don’t feel the call was helpful, I’ll refund your money. It’s that simple. No questions asked. When is the last time you heard that from a healthcare provider? I’m that confident that the Mindful Pain Relief Method™ can help you!

What To Expect On Our Call

Prior to our call I’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire describing the history of your pain condition and an overview of the treatments you’ve used to alleviate your suffering.  When our call begins I’ll briefly review your history to ensure I understand your situation. Next we will discuss your daily routine, your lifestyle, your support network, and what is most important in your life. We will identify the gaps and prioritize where to begin. Our goal is not just to reduce your pain; it is to help you enjoy every day as much as possible.

We will review your experiences with mindfulness. If you are a veteran, I will help you pinpoint which practices will deliver the best relief. As a novice, you will understand the basic practice and know why and how to begin using mindfulness for pain relief.

In the last part of our time together we will collaborate to design a Mindful Pain Relief Plan™ using techniques from the Mindful Pain Relief Method™. Your personal Mindful Pain Relief Plan™ will be your road map putting the lifestyle medicine and the power of your mind to work toward creating your best life. After the call, I will email you a copy of your plan along with the resources you need to put the plan to work immediately.

You Don’t Need To Suffer

While your condition may mean that some pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. You can train your mind to both decrease your pain and eliminate the suffering caused by pain. Let me show you what brain science has learned about managing pain. Let me show you the simple daily techniques and lifestyle tweaks that can profoundly make your life better.

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Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT
Creator of the Mindful Pain Relief Method™


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