About Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT

MindfulPainRelief.org and the Mindful Pain Relief Method™ were created by Dr. Crystal Frazee, a physical therapist and integrative medicine professional devoted to guiding women like you to find relief from pain and emotional suffering. Her talent is simplifying the process for you so that you don’t have to guess what to do to finally feel your best. Crystal passionately believes mindfulness skills can help you change your experience of pain and improve your quality of life. 

Crystal’s work integrates healing practices from western and eastern medicine, all scientifically shown to be effective, and focuses on customizing the individual wellness plan to suit your unique needs. She practices lifestyle medicine and believes that the small daily choices related to nutrition, physical activity, stress management, self-care, and mindset contribute to overall health and wellness. Crystal will help you see where to start and will guide you through baby steps towards the most successful and lasting outcome. 

This website is her online medical practice and is dedicated to her mother who experiences pain due to several conditions, including multiple sclerosis, and all women. Crystal believes women deserve a more nurturing and comprehensive level of healthcare. So often, physical symptoms are symptomatic of nutritional, emotional, mental, social, or spiritual factors that are not properly addressed by typical medical treatment. You have incredible natural healing abilities and mind-body practices can help you access them. The Mindful Pain Relief Method™ and Crystal’s other signature lifestyle programs will empower you feel alive, whole, and connected. 

Crystal was educated at the University of Georgia, the University of Colorado Denver, the Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences, and the Center for Integrative Yoga Studies. She began her professional career as the Director of Rehabilitation at the prestigious Dallas Spinal Rehabilitation Center. She now lives and works in West Michigan in a physical therapy clinical setting and privately with integrative medicine clientele.  

Most importantly, Crystal is glad you have found her and she truly wants to help you feel better.

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