Pain is usually a temporary signal between the body and brain telling you something is wrong. It is a normal part of your natural survival system. Chronic pain, however, is something different. It can feel relentless. Traditional medicine seeks to cover or remove the physical cause of pain. Mindfulness seeks to empower you with skills to regulate your response to pain and decrease your experience of suffering.


The stories you tell yourself influence your ability to relieve pain. Your thoughts literately change the way your brain works and that impacts your nervous system. Mindfulness enables you to choose thoughts that ease your pain and reduce your suffering. Mindfulness contains the mental skills you need to find relief.


Pain produces an experience that is both physical and emotional. Your reaction to the physical sensations of pain determines your initial discomfort. Surprisingly, it’s your emotional resistance to discomfort that can increase and perpetuate your suffering. Mindfulness helps you to skillfully manage your emotions so that you feel in control and resilient to painful sensations.

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  • Backpain
  • Arthritis
  • Headache
  • Cancer

Back pain can be caused by mechanical problems, injuries, or disease. Traditional medicine often isn’t enough to fully relieve debilitating back pain. Mindfulness helps in ways traditional medicine doesn’t.

Arthritis is a family of inflammatory conditions typically presenting as joint pain. The Mindful Pain Relief Method™ can be used to treat all arthritic conditions and bring relief.

Chronic headaches or migraines last for hours and can be difficult to treat. Mindfulness has been found to be highly effective in reducing the suffering caused by headaches.

Pain associated with cancer plagues the majority of the 1.4 million people in the US diagnosed with cancer each year. Mindfulness will ease pain associated with cancer.

Pain is a physical, mental, and emotional experience. When you address all three you maximize relief.

Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT