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It’s time to take your pain recovery into your own hands. I’m Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT and my mission is to teach you the tools to confidently manage your pain so you can feel free and full of joy. Together we can ease your pain. Let’s get started.

The Mindful Pain Relief Method

Works Three Ways To Relieve Your Pain


Your thoughts directly impact your pain. They influence your nervous system and can increase or decrease your pain, almost instantly. Learn to use mindfulness to regulate your thoughts and ease your pain and suffering.


You can gain the skills to shift from fatigued and fearful of movement to strong, confident, and able! Mindfulness teaches you how to stay connected to your body and respond to its messages wisely.


Believe it or not, your emotions are directly linked to your pain pattern. Gain control of your emotional responses so you feel more balanced and free from the suffering that results from pain.

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